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1) What do you use for hair conditioner? Lately, I’ve been experimenting so I can’t really say. The last bottle I used was Cantu conditioner. I currently don’t use a leave-in.

2) What do you think about unsweetened tea? Well, I’m from the South. So, if there isn’t sugar in my tea, I’m not drinking it. It’s gross without it.

3) Hardwood floors or carpet? Carpet! Carpet is warm, it’s ok to step out on when you get out the shower, and it’s more comfortable to sleep on if you’re making a pallet on the floor. 

4) Going to a McDonalds factory, seeing how chicken nuggets are made and immediately eating them after OR watching a lobster be cooked? ( I hate seafood so) I’d rather watch that lobster die and then eat the lobster without any sad feelings. Lobster is delicious and I try not to think about what’s in a McD’s chicken nugget while eating one.

5) Green or Blue? Green

6) What is one thing you would collect if you could? If I could collect anything (the first thing that comes to mind anyway), I’d probably collect gems or stones. I’d want one of each. And it wouldn’t have to be fancy like from a jeweler. I would probably prefer raw, unique stones that were dug up and not tampered with.

7) Tell me about your first experience behind the wheel (if you drive) if you don’t drive tell me about your first experience on public transit, if you’ve never taken public transit tell me about some other…thing I dunno. I practiced driving out in the country in my dad’s Yukon Denali. It’s pretty big for little 14 year old me, but I managed. I would drive up and down a gravel road and turn around and come back every time I visited my grandma for a few months.

8) Would you smoke out of a strawberry or a plantain? Uh…what? I guess a strawberry since it’s my favorite fruit. Maybe it’ll give it a yummy flavor.

9) Default saying for when shit happens: (mine is holy shit balls) “Shit” I’m not original. Unless you count me saying “Oh boy!” which I recently picked up from my boyfriend to mock him and it’s stuck. -_-

10) Favorite time to be awake. In the morning? At least by 10 but overall…I guess I can say I like 4pm….and 7pm…for some reason I like those two times.

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10 Questions!

1) How do you like your steak?

2) Name one guilty pleasure of yours.

3) What is something you learned in the past week?

4) Did you ever have an embarrassing or childhood nickname? If so, what is it? If not, what else have you been called other than your first name?

5) If you could look like anyone else (or like swap faces/bodies with), who would it be?

6) Name something stupid you did in college or high school that you’re finally able to laugh at now when reflecting.

7) Popsicles or ice cream?

8) What did you do for your last birthday?

9) Do you have any family heirlooms? If so, what? If not, would you consider starting one or do you think they are pointless?

10) If you had to describe yourself as a flavor, what flavor would you be and why?


ima need someone to show me how to do make up and shit properly.

I road a horse and fished for the first time as well as ran a mile today. I feel accomplished. :D


Nightly ritual followed by regret.
By Sarah Johnson [website | tumblr | store]


Nightly ritual followed by regret.

By Sarah Johnson [website | tumblr | store]

Purple: 10 facts about my room.
Blue: 9 facts about my family.
Green: 8 facts about my body
Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
Orange: 6 facts about my home town.
Red: 5 facts about my bestfriend(s).
Pink: 4 facts about my parents.
White: 3 facts about my personality.
Grey: 2 facts about my favourite things
Black: 1 fact about the person I like.

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My first time riding a horse. #horse #horseriding #country

My first time riding a horse. #horse #horseriding #country


my body is made up of 60% water, 30% sexy, and 10% sexy water


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